FieldTorq Knives®

The FieldTorq knife story…


It all started with the tragic accident of a fellow hunter who accidentally stabbed his femoral artery while field dressing his deer. He was using a common, ordinary hunting knife with a pointed tip and exposed blade.

Being a hunter and a process improvement engineer, Chris Stuckel now had a mission to design not only a safer knife, but a smarter, multi-purpose tool for all big game and for the entire field dressing job.

The result was the invention of the FieldTorq knife – The Field Dressing Super Tool!  It’s 5X faster, easy to use, and infinitely safer. We are so confident you’ll be satisfied with your FieldTorq knife that we offer a money-back guarantee and a lifetime warranty.

Best Wishes for many Safe and Successful Hunts!


Chris Stuckel
Founder & Owner, FieldTorq Knives
Neenah, Wisconsin