FieldTorq Knives®

The FieldTorq® knife story…

Chris Stuckel, the inventor of the FieldTorq knife, saw the need for an easier, faster, safer, and cleaner tool for gutting, skinning & quartering big game. He also recognized the benefit of carrying fewer tools to accomplish these tasks. The final motivation was the tragic accident of a hunter who accidentally stabbed his femoral artery …not to mention numerous others that had needlessly cut themselves during field dressing. The commonality was they were all using knives with straight, exposed cutting edges such as traditional hunting knives or razor knives.

Being a hunter and process improvement engineer gave Chris the experience and right set of skills to design the best field dressing & skinning knife ever made.

The result was the highly innovative FieldTorq knife – The Field Dressing Super Tool!  One tool does it all…easier, faster, safer, cleaner, and field dresses (including cutting bone), skins, & quarters all big game. We are so confident you’ll be satisfied with your FieldTorq knife that we offer a money-back guarantee and a lifetime warranty.

Get yours today and enjoy a lifetime of Easier, Faster, Safer, and Cleaner field dressing!

Chris Stuckel
Veteran, Founder & Owner, FieldTorq Products, LLC
Neenah, Wisconsin