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Best Field Dressing Knife for All Experience Levels

No matter who you are, field-dressing big game can be especially challenging if you don’t have the right tool for the job. How many times have you seen someone…not you of course, use an axe, saw, tree loppers, or God forbid a rock on the back side of a knife blade to separate the pelvic […]

How to Sharpen the FieldTorq Knife

Proper knife care is an important part of keeping your FieldTorq knife performing properly and safely. A dull blade can be just as, if not more dangerous as a sharp one. After multiple uses, your FieldTorq knife will dull, and you will need to sharpen it with your FieldTorq Sharpener. This may seem like an [...]

Why the FieldTorq Knife is the Best Knife for Field Dressing Big Game

Efficient and Effective Experienced hunters appreciate tools that produce efficient and effective results and are multi-functional. Fewer tools carried on a trek through game country mean lesser weight and strain on your muscles and your mind! When you’ve finally landed the “prize,” the work is hardly over! Now it’s time to get down to business […]

The Safest Field Dressing Knife You’ll Ever Use

FieldTorq is an impressive field dressing tool designed to incorporate hide cutting, bone cutting, and skinning functions – much better than a traditional hunting knife. There is one additional  design feature that make this field dressing tool even more unique – safety. Due to its curved design, the FieldTorq is arguably the safest field dressing […]

Why FieldTorq Knives are the Best Big Game Field Dressing Tools

If you are not familiar with the design of FieldTorq Knives, you probably think it’s pretty funny looking- like an oversized can opener or something. What is this thing? But when you see the FieldTorq knife in action, it all makes sense. And when you use it for yourself while dressing a deer in the […]