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The Safest Field Dressing Knife You’ll Ever Use

Posted on: August 4th, 2021

safest field dressing knife graphic

FieldTorq is an impressive field dressing tool designed to incorporate hide cutting, bone cutting, and skinning functions – much better than a traditional hunting knife. There is one additional  design feature that make this field dressing tool even more unique – safety. Due to its curved design, the FieldTorq is arguably the safest field dressing knife on the market today.

Two Types of Field Dressing Safety.

We are going to break down safety into two separate categories: personal injury safety, and harvest safety, both of which FieldTorq wins in the safest field dressing knife category.

Harvest Safety

When field dressing a deer or other animal, it’s imperative that you avoid making certain mistakes. If you are new to field-dressing large game, you might not be aware of these mistakes.

It all comes down to avoiding critical organs and areas when using a blade. The bladder, colon, large intestines, small intestines, and stomach are all areas that you need to avoid. If you were to puncture the bladder, intestines, or any of these fragile organs, you could release fluids that can result in meat contamination.

The FieldTorq knife has a rounded design with no exposed sharp tips like traditional hunting knives. This design feature lessens the likelihood of cutting into or puncturing these organs. This is particularly important in low light conditions by taking the guesswork out of the process when it’s difficult to see where you are cutting.

Personal Injury

Field dressing a deer can create a cut risk, especially when your hands are cold or you have to reach in with both hands having a knife in one hand.

It doesn’t take much more than a brief distraction like staring at the giant rack or a buddy commenting on the buck’s old war wound for you to end up cutting yourself and causing an emergency in the field.

For the same reason that the FieldTorq knife is the safest field dressing knife in the harvest category, it’s also the safest field dressing knife in the personal injury category. There are no sharp points.  and the cutting blade faces away from you diminishing the cut risk to your hands or fingers.

You can run your hand along all outside edges of this field dressing tool, and you will not get cut. If that’s not a testament to being the safest field dressing knife on the market, nothing is.

Safety is our #1 Priority

We take safety in the field very seriously and that is why we designed the FieldTorq knife the way we did.   You wouldn’t risk sitting in a swaying tree 20 feet above the ground without a safety harness.  Why would you risk it when it comes to your field dressing tools? A FieldTorq knife will get the job done in the blink of an eye and do it safely.  Make the most innovative and safest field dressing knife part of your hunting kit today.