The Best Hunting Knives for Field Dressing all Big Game.

Buy the best, safest, and most effective field dressing knife on the market. Unlike other knives, FieldTorq knives easily cut hide, flesh, and even bone, but not the user or internal organs of the big game animal. They are made of High Carbon Stainless Steel to hold a keen edge for many uses before sharpening is required.

  • Lifetime warranty and Performance guaranteed!
  • Demo videos and 5 step Field Dressing Guide is included.
  • Easy to use Two-stage Ceramic Sharpener is included.
  • Heavy Duty Ballistic Nylon Sheath is included.
  • Innovative Torq Assist is included.
  • Instructional brochure is included.
  • Secure online ordering with FAST delivery or call 1-855-729-2900.

FAST Delivery: 2 – 3 days in the US or 4 – 10 days in Canada.
FREE hand-sharpening by Chris Stuckel, the inventor.

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