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  1. I’m a guide for Hero’s Hunt for Veterans and we purchased several of the FieldTorq knives at a tradeshow. I admit I was skeptical at first, but after guiding Chris (owner of FieldTorq Knives and US Army veteran) on a successful whitetail hunt and seeing it in use I was convinced. I got to use the FieldTorq knife today myself and I have to say it’s the best, safest, and most innovative knife I’ve ever used. We highly recommend them!

    Part 1 –

    Part 2 –

    Posted by David Vogel. Guide at Hero's Hunt for Veterans.
  2. I’m on the pro-staff for a group called Crossbow Warriors and bought the FieldTorq tool 3+ yrs ago, it’s an awesome field dressing get the hang of it very quickly…The blade stays sharp and when you do need to resharpen, the included sharpener works great…I highly recommend this tool to everybody!

    Posted by Mike T.
  3. I am a Metropark Ranger and a member of the DMT (deer management team). I used the FieldTorq knife to dress out over 75 deer on a three day cull. It out-performed every other knife and tool the team used.
    Great tool!

    Posted by Kevin Repeta
  4. Got the FieldTorq knife after seeing it on Wild TV and using a buddies. It keeps it’s edge and makes field dressing easy and fast. With the FieldTorq knife, the work is done with no cut fingers and no inadvertent punctures.

    Posted by Doug
  5. Great knife for cutting hide, pelvic bone, and ribs effortlessly. I don’t leave home without it on my belt. Used it 6 times. Great tool.

    Posted by Les Schlahs , Alberta
  6. What an awesome tool the FieldTorq hunting knife is! Yesterday morning I got to use the FieldTorq knife for the first time. I field dressed the deer in under five minutes with no mess. It cut cleanly through the pelvic bone in 10-15 seconds and it also cut through the sternum in another 10 seconds. No need for any other tools or knives. This knife is all you need. Thank you FieldTorq Knives for producing a high quality, useful, common sense hunting product. Now I actually look forward to field dressing!

    Posted by Ken Hough
  7. I got two of the FieldTorq knives, one for myself and one for my brother-in-law. Both of us have used them for the past two years…AWESOME knife! Anyone that has seen us use it has said they need to get one.

    Posted by Greg Grinnell - Michigan
  8. Used my FieldTorq knife for the first time this year and all I can say is… Wow! It is everything you said it would be. It cut that nasty job in half. It was worth every penny!

    Posted by Dave Waldinger
  9. Used my father-in-law’s FieldTorq knife in Ontario this year to gut a black bear and then again just last week to dress a large whitetail! Smooth operations during both! I have to give my father-in-law’s back, so, today I ordered my own!

    Posted by Rob Birk-Peshtigo, WI
  10. Purchased the FieldTorq knife two years ago and have used it on several whitetails the past couple of seasons. It makes quick work of the rib cage and pelvis. General field dressing is a breeze too. My hunting buddies were skeptical at first, but watching me dress a big doe changed their minds quickly. Just bought another. Thank you!

    Posted by Pete Stryjewski
  11. My Son gave me the FieldTorq knife for Father’s Day and I was fascinated by the design. Our group in CO this year had success with 5 cow Elk. A few flips of the blade and unzipping the bounty was smooth and the “V”-designed blade made the guys with me just stand back and ogle at the ease and cleanliness of cutting the hide, pelvis, and windpipe. Your design is very unique, safe, effective, and very user friendly!

    Posted by Bill Terry
  12. This year I have gutted 6 deer with this knife and it is easy to use.

    Posted by T. Potter
  13. Great knife! Works better than the videos show and gets through pelvic and sternum in short order. This knife has made field dressing saws obsolete….and the quality and design are second to none.

    Posted by Greg M. – Ontario, Canada
  14. Love this knife! As an engineer I appreciate a well designed piece of equipment and this is a well designed knife. I typically used a short knife for cutting inside the game and placed my finger over the tip so as not to nick any of the intestines. With this knife I can now do that very safely. As well as being able to cut my way through any bones. I like how this knife fits in my hand and has a good balance. Like I said, this is a well designed knife right down to the sharpener and the sheath.

    Posted by Gary - Wisconsin
  15. Using the FieldTorq knife is like pulling a zipper….. It’s easier than easy use. Thank you for creating a FANTASTIC tool.

    Posted by Tom S - Tennessee
  16. I first saw the FieldTorq knife on Wild TV and thought it looked like a good product so I ordered one. The first time I used it the gutting time was cut in half. I used to use a saw to split the pelvis and breast bones and would always worry about poking a hole in the stomach or bladder. The FieldTorq knife worked so slick for this with no worries, just like a can opener… It also worked very well for skinning too. A very solid knife. I now have both models.

    Posted by Kevin H. – Alberta, Canada
  17. Finally got to use the FieldTorq knife…AMAZING!!! Just wanted to send my regards and thank you for this amazing tool!

    Posted by Agustin M. – California
  18. Chris, I am a long time elk hunter and enjoy hunting in the Western states. Recently, I used your FieldTorq knife during a Montana archery hunt with my brothers and friends. It was a productive trip yielding 2 elk, 2 mule deer and 1 antelope. Your knife performed extremely well and is handy to use. We found the unique design to be safer than working with a standard straight blade in the tight quarters of the chest cavity. We never needed to resharpened it…2 elk, 2 mule deer, and an antelope without resharpening…Amazing!

    Posted by John H. – Wisconsin
  19. I’ve used the FieldTorq knife on 40 deer this year. Believe me when I say this is an AWESOME field dressing knife. Not only is it easy to use but it also holds an edge extremely well. I used it on 28 deer before it needed to be re-sharpened. When something makes my job this easy, it sure is nice!

    Posted by Dusty Reid – Wisconsin (Hunt’s End Deer Ranch, BLADE Magazine)
  20. I used my FieldTorq knife on two deer that were taken last weekend. If there is a hunter out there that doesn’t have this superlative instrument you have no idea what you are missing. The speed, handling, and cleanliness of cleaning game with this tool is phenomenal! In my years of hunting and field dressing, this knife handled all of the chores with unbelievable speed and neatness. I had to make sure I had my knife in my hand when we were done. My friends wanted to take it! Fantastic tool!

    Posted by Frank S - Tennessee

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