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  1. My wife purchased the FieldTorq for me as a birthday present. At first I didn’t know what to think of it. After doing some research on it and using it out in the field, I am quite pleased with how easy and fast you can gut out a big game animal. I think the best and most important feature is how safe it is. This will be on my belt loop from now on when ever I am hunting and I will be recommending FieldTorq to all my family members and friends who hunt or who are looking for a gift for a hunter. Since my wife got me one of the best hunting tools for the field, that means I have to get her something really nice.

    Posted by Jim B.
  2. I bought this to simplify the process of field dressing whitetail. This has made the process, which I normally do by myself much easier, and has also cut down the time it takes me to get my harvest out of the woods. Great build quality, and great steel. Worth every penny!!

    Posted by John Gibson
  3. I have to admit I was skeptical about the capability of the FieldTorq knife. I am fairly proficient at gutting an animal. I did not think there was much better than the Gerber tool that I had used for the last 8 years. Boy was I wrong. You have created a master piece. The knife was incredible. It cut my 10 minute gutting time in half! It was a thing of beauty watching it cut through the hide. Thank you for such an incredible tool. You have really simplified the gutting experience. You were a true gentlemen to deal with and I will be recommending this knife to all my fellow hunters. I wish you the best and thank you again for such a great knife.

    Posted by Sean Culp

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