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Why FieldTorq Knives are the Best Big Game Field Dressing Tools

Posted on: July 7th, 2021

big game field dressing tools Field Torq KnifeIf you are not familiar with the design of FieldTorq Knives, you probably think it’s pretty funny looking- like an oversized can opener or something. What is this thing? But when you see the FieldTorq knife in action, it all makes sense. And when you use it for yourself while dressing a deer in the field, you will realize why this thing is the best big game field dressing tools on the market today.


The can opener look is more than just unique. It’s a design that helps make field dressing incredibly quick and easy. You no longer have to use the tip of a knife and pound on it trying to split the pelvic bone. The FieldTorq will split the pelvic bone as well as sternum with reliable  can-opener-like action, making it the only big game field dressing tool to do so, and that’s not all it does!

Multi-Functional Big Game Field Dressing Tool

  • An oversized gut hook functions like a giant zipper, making incredibly clean cuts from the sternum to the pelvis. Your field dressing will be so quick, you will never want to use a regular knife again.
  • Bone cutting, skinning, and any dressing done in the field can all be done with the FieldTorq knife, allowing you to field dress any big game animal five times faster than with a standard hunting knife.

The ability to make field dressing that efficient is the reason why it is the best big game field dressing tool.  What are you waiting for?


A major design feature of the FieldTorq knife is that you never have to worry about breaking a blade. Many of us have broken the blades of our knives while field dressing deer. Cold temperatures, thin blades, and twisting or bending while under pressure with bones will easily break the tip of a knife. The FieldTorq knife comes with a unique blade cover that protects the longer blade tip while the short stout blade cuts through any bone.

FieldTorq knife blades never need to be replaced. Our blades stay sharp for a very long time, allowing you to field dress literally tons of elk, deer, hogs, antelope, and more.

Orange handle set Deer Field dressing toolsAccessories and Handle Options

Not only does the FieldTorq knife do the job of multiple field dressing tools, but it also comes with everything you need, including either a premium genuine leather or nylon sheath, ceramic sharpener, and a Torq Assist.  Replacement accessories and upgrades are readily available from the manufacturer’s website.

There are three handle options to choose from as well. Choose between a Pakkawood finish handle, sporting beautiful dark wood grain for a traditional look; a blaze orange Nylon handle to stand out against the forest floor- just in case you drop it; or the beautiful, natural-looking synthetic Stag antler handle version with a premium genuine leather sheath for the ultimate old school twist on modern big game field dressing tools.

Bottom Line?

Now you only need one tool in the field. Skinning, gutting, and bone-cutting just got a lot faster and safer. The FieldTorq big game field dressing tool has it all. Order yours today!