Using Viscerator® hunting knives is Simple, Safe, and Effective!

Cuts hide like a gut-hook and never punctures the viscera…Splits the pelvic bone and sternum with mechanical leverage like a can opener…No other knives or tools are needed so you can pack lighter, pack smarter…Quality is 2nd to none!

Viscerator® and Viscerator G10® TV Commercial Brice Folden, Wild TV (1:05)

Viscerator® Demo 1 Features, Sharpening, and Field Dressing (3:33)

Viscerator® Demo 2 Field Dressing (3:24)

Testimonials & Reviews

“I used my FieldTorq Viscerator on two deer that were taken last weekend. If there is a hunter out there that doesn’t have this superlative instrument you have no idea to what you are missing. The speed, handling, and cleaning of game with this tool is phenomenal! In my years of hunting and field dressing, this knife handled all of the chores with unbelievable speed and neatness. I had to make sure I had my knife in my hand when we were done. My friends wanted to take it! What a great tool!”

Frank S. – Tennessee

“I’ve used the Viscerator on 40 deer this year. Believe me when I say the Viscerator is an AWESOME field dressing knife. Not only is it easy to use but it also holds an edge EXTREMELY well! I used it on 28 deer before it needed to be re-sharpened. When something makes my job this easy, it sure is nice!”

Dusty Reid, Hunt’s End Deer Ranch, BLADE Magazine – Wisconsin