The FieldTorq Knife is a must-have gutting tool for every hunter, assisting in cutting through bone, hide, and flesh when skinning game. This is the easier, faster, safer, and cleaner way to field dress game. The heavy-duty build secures durability and trust that your knife will perform under the toughest conditions. We believe in our manufacturing, tha is why every knife is backed with a lifetime warranty. Our knife handles are available in multiple finishes, designed with ergonomics in mind. You can choose from a stag handle, a FRN (Nylon) handle, and pakkawood handle. Each of our knives comes with three accessories, a sheath, a torq assist, and a sharper. Everything is included that you will need. Using a Field Torq Knife is a simple and straightforward process. Learn how to field dress game with your new field dressing tool here.

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